International Case Studies

Doddle International Case Studies

How can Doddle make a difference in your school? Scroll down to see how these teachers across the world are using Doddle for teaching, homework and assessment.

Newton International Academy, Doha

Philip Roberts, Head of ICT at Newton International Academy in Doha, Qatar, talks us through how Doddle has streamlined the teaching practices across his department — revolutionising the way teachers create and administer lessons!



The flipped classroom at South Island School, Hong Kong

Andy Llewellyn, MFL teacher at South Island school, Hong Kong, has been speaking to us about his trial period with Doddle MFL. He told us how he has used it to introduce topics and reinforce learning through effective homework and revision material.



Doddle at Nexus International School, Singapore

Nexus International School Singapore

Sean McGeough is Head of Science at the Nexus International School in Singapore and has been using Doddle Science to help deliver high-quality teaching to his students.



Caxton College logo

Doddle at Caxton College, Spain

Dr Nicola Porch is Head of KS3 Science at Caxton College where they have been using Doddle Science to support their teaching for over three years. 




Hillcrest International Schools logo

Hillcrest International Schools, Kenya

Mr Vargas had already been successfully using Boardworks’ interactive presentations to enhance his Spanish lessons for five years before he was introduced to our new Doddle platform.