Making every lesson engaging: pie in the sky thinking?

What’s your favourite lesson to teach?

Everyone loves that perfect combination of educational rigour and brilliant fun. A well-structured lesson with clear stages of progression; engaging enough that your students are learning without even realizing it; effectively communicating knowledge while simultaneously developing key skills.

Isn’t that the intention that everyone starts with in their first year of teaching – to take the most dry and clinical of topics and inject something memorable into every single lesson, making an unforgettable, meaningful impression on young people’s lives? Or is that pie in the sky thinking?

The reality is that brilliant and memorable lessons are hard work. They require resources; they can take time to set up; and even with all the imaginative thinking in the world, some topics are just plain dry. Between high volumes of marking, and ensuring that every student has the fundamentals covered for final exams, inventive lesson planning is often what loses out.

Doddle can help to regain that invention. Doddle contains 16,000 resources of the kind of teaching content that makes eyes open wider. From life cycles of massive stars to buying tickets in the Gare du Nord; from building pirate-themed adventure games in Python 3 to audio of Montagues and Capulets coming to blows in fair Verona: you can demonstrate fascinating and clever ideas that can’t be reproduced in a classroom – all ready to go in a couple of clicks.

And you have the robust reporting you need to back up your teaching. The in-class resources are paired with formative assessment quizzes and summative baseline testing that secure your students’ understanding and help you track progress.

You still have all the fundamentals covered, without losing any of the fascination you love to see in your students. And since all your students’ results report automatically to your markbook, you can reinvest the time you gain into effective formative assessment and informed lesson planning. In short, Doddle helps to make every lesson more like your favourite lesson.

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