Independent learning: make it work with Doddle

Independent learning. Much like the case of Assessment for Learning, the ideas behind it sound an awful lot easier to introduce than the reality.

For a lot of students, independent learning and research means heading to Wikipedia, copying and pasting the first three paragraphs, and moving on – without retaining very much of what they’ve read.

This tweet by influential blogger David Didau (@LearningSpy) on the subject of independent learning caught our eye:

“Independent learning is a terrible thing?! Surely not!” Well, no, quite the opposite point is being made here. What Didau argues is that timing is crucial. If you send out students to learn independently before they have the right tools to do so, they’ll use their time inefficiently, and the results will be mixed at best.

What’s essential is that teachers structure their students’ independent learning, and that the confidence to push students to discover for themselves only comes with time.

Doddle can help at every stage of this process. Doddle students can access a wealth of resources when they log in to Doddle, all built to complement one another and provide comprehensive support. They can explore in-depth presentations that cover entire topics, revision tasks that review key ideas, and engaging interactives that bring individual concepts to life.

When your students are still at an early stage, you can provide them with appropriately controlled independent learning: you can assign specific presentations and interactives, complete with instructions on how to use them and what particular points students should take note of.

Then, as they grow in confidence, you can allow them more and more independence to research topics and pick out key ideas.

And it’s a two-way conversation: Doddle students can complete confidence scores, that let you know how comfortable they feel with particular topics and help you to develop personalised learning programmes.

Once the tools are in place, you’re able to push your students to research ideas, look for information in the right places, and push them to think independently and critically. In short, Doddle gets your students to where you want them to be.

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