The impact of Doddle Progress at Bourne Academy: “Keeping up rather than catching up”

Doddle Progress is making a significant impact in improving pupil performance at KS3. It offers detailed, powerful feedback about students and classes; provides teachers with tailored content that improves the quality of first teaching, interventions, and revision; and creates genuine motivation with students to improve.

Keeping Up

The Maths department at Bourne Academy have implemented Doddle Progress as the bedrock of their new assessment system, and they’re seeing brilliant results.

Tom Martin, Assistant Head and Head of Maths at Bourne Academy explains how his department are using Doddle Progress to ensure KS3 students are “keeping up rather than catching up”. Here’s what he has to say about using Doddle Progress.

How are you using Doddle Progress in your department?

“In our new KS3 assessment model we wanted to ensure that intervention is about 'keeping up' rather than 'catching up'. Using Doddle to assess and track individual competencies has made this possible.

We identified the objectives that we believe were the most fundamental to ensuring students make progress in mathematics. These are tested firstly in Doddle using online assessments, and then several weeks later using a written assessment. Results from the written assessments are then entered into Doddle to show the longer term recall.”

How does Doddle Progress help you decide the focus of your intervention classes?

Whole class proforma“At each major assessment point we identify a few key objectives that we have been working on over the previous 9 weeks. We then use Doddle to identify students who need support in each objective.

“Our aim is to ensure that every student gets support in each objective that they require over the course of the [intervention] week.”Tom explains that based on the information in Doddle, all lessons are collapsed in the year group to put intervention classes in place.

“This requires a lot of re-shuffling classes but we now have a fairly simple and effective system to make this happen. In this way we are trying to ensure that intervention is about 'keeping up' rather than 'catching up'.”

How does Doddle help students to keep up?

Student report“Doddle helps students to keep up in a number of ways:

1. Identification of students and competencies

2. Raised awareness in students of their own learning. When we used levels, if we asked a student what they needed to do to improve they may or may not know, but probably wouldn’t be doing much about it. Now it is certain that they know.

3. The resources and homeworks are great for supporting Progress.

4. Something that we have found to be an unexpected benefit of the Progress Reports, is that we can print from the download. They were great to share with parents at parents' evening.

However, we also found that students really don’t like having any red on their report, or even the yellow. As a result, we have introduced ‘Independent Learning’ for Year 7. It’s a simple concept which should set them up well for later years – if after intervention they are still unsure about an objective, then they go and do something about it. They use the resources on Doddle to revise it, make some notes, show us that they have put in a substantial amount of study and we will then allow them to be re-assessed. It takes next to no effort on our part, and students work hard to earn the right to be re-tested! They are motivated to improve their Progress report!”

What impact have you seen using Doddle Progress in your department?

Revision is so much more manageable because it is focused and we know that we have the right students in front of us. By re-testing after intervention they are motivated in a way that they never used to be when we assessed with levels. Students know exactly what they need to do to improve and can articulate it well.

I’m sure an Ofsted inspector couldn’t fail to be impressed if they asked one of our students what they need to do to improve in Maths – they would know exactly what they need to do, and also what they have been doing about it.”

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