Transform homework and increase communication in your school with the Doddle Student and Parent App

I love Doddle! It's so much easier than carrying around all my books and papers!

Year 7 student

With the new Doddle app, students can manage all their homework in one place, with their own personalised To Do list!

Daily notifications remind students when their homework is due, and alert them to any new homework their teacher has set, helping them keep on track.

Whether on the train, bus, or in deepest, darkest Peru, students can access all their homework tasks on the go, and view resources through the app! Perfect for revision, or taking self-marking quizzes, students can stay on top of their assignments with the click of a button.

I think the Doddle app will allow me to connect more with my child on their school life.

Parent at Chesterfield High School, Liverpool

Increase parental engagement in your school with the app! Parents can link their accounts with their children's, enabling them to see all homework that has been set and when it's due.

Not only this, but parents can also access the resources, see their children's quiz scores, and thus stay in the loop throughout the academic year.

Find out more about how the Doddle App is being developed here.

To download the app, click here.



How much does the Doddle app cost?

Nothing! So long as your school already have a subscription to Doddle, the app is completely free.

Who can download the app?

The Doddle app is available for students and parents to download. Both must use their existing logins to access the app.

When will the app be available to download and where?
The app is now live! You can download the Doddle app by searching for 'Doddle Learn' on either the Play Store (Android) or the App store (iOS). For step-by-step instructions on how to download the app, click here.
Now that there's an app, my school would like to launch Doddle Parent. How do we go about doing this?

If you'd like to launch Doddle Parent, just get in touch with your school's Account Manager. They'll give you a range of supporting documents to help you roll the app out!

What notifications will my students and their parents receive?

App notifications will be daily from around 4PM. Students and parents will receive a summary of homework set that day and any homework due tomorrow. They can choose to turn notifications off by heading to settings on their device.

My question hasn't been answered. How can I get in touch?

Simple! Just drop us an email on or give us a call on 01865 208 440.

Photo credit: Olga1818