Sending homework out into the void…

I’m sure a lot of my colleagues can sympathise with the following mystery. Whenever I assigned homework to my MFL classes, I wondered to myself what could be inside my students’ bags that caused assignments to disappear so often. Was there a black hole at the bottom? A Bermuda triangle? A portal to another dimension?

I may be being lighthearted, but the reality is perfectly serious. No matter how much students try to get away with their best sheepish look, chronic inability to complete homework tasks led a number of students to fall behind, and led to gaps in understanding that might only appear at an assessment point much later on – and with the volume of content and challenge of the new exam specifications, it’s critical to identify those gaps quickly.

Is there any way to stamp out disappearing homework? While 100% hand-in rates every week present a tough challenge, there are a number of root causes that we can tackle:


Helping students stay organised

Students constantly hear their teachers talk about taking responsibility for their organisation and their assigned homework – but getting them to do it is easier said than done.

Doddle can be a huge asset in helping students develop good habits. The Doddle To Do list updates automatically with each new assignment, and gives students a clear overview of all their upcoming assignments, organised by due date.

Doddle to-do list

A simple, organised system that helps students get work done on time without even having to think about it – fully accessible on mobile devices: you’ve probably noticed, like me, that students may lose their planners, but they almost always know exactly where their phone is...


Supporting students outside the classroom

Doddle includes formative homework tasks that support students as they go along – so that even if the first couple of tasks catch them out, recap slides help students to readjust. Teachers can also see students’ first and best attempts in their online markbook, meaning that they can see where students have reviewed homework quizzes once they feel more confident.


Getting parents involved with Doddle Parent

In an ideal world, we would want all parents to have a clear understanding of their child’s strengths and weaknesses, and for them to provide support and encouragement with all homework tasks. But until we live in an ideal world, there’s an urgent need for schools to get parents onside with homework strategy, and provide a suitable learning environment at home.

The launch of Doddle Parent this year has been a game changer for Doddle customer schools in creating meaningful, ongoing communication with parents. Parents can see all their children’s homework assignments through Doddle Parent on any tablet, mobile or computer, as well as insightful assessment information that highlights the individual skills where their children most need support.

Closing up the black holes in students’ bags may be a perennial struggle – but Doddle’s homework features allow teachers to remove as many barriers as possible, and help their students focus on learning outside the classroom.

Crispin Chatterton, Doddle Education Adviser

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