Doddle provided me with a way to engage my most difficult to reach students – students who I hadn’t ever seen really engage with what they were learning before.

Helen Smith, Pupil Premium Teacher

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Doddle Homework brings students' assignments together on one secure online platform, where they can view and complete all their work.
Students are able to take control of their own learning and stay on top of their work throughout the year.

To-do lists

Clear and comprehensive to-do lists mean students will never forget their homework again.

Students can clearly see the work they have been assigned, when it is due and can complete it online straight away.

It's clear to see what needs to be done with Doddle
Engaging resources from Doddle

Engaging work

Our resources present students with interesting, real life problems to solve, varied question and answer formats, and plenty of interactive audio and animated content.

Doddle quizzes provide instant results and meaningful feedback on incorrect answers, keeping students engaged with the work they are doing.

Independent learning

Students can also independently access all the resources on Doddle, meaning they have consistently high quality resources to revise with.

Quizzes can be re-taken multiple times so students can continually improve their scores, feel more confident and understand their subjects better.

Students can use all Doddle resources independently

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