Doddle has been implemented quickly across the whole-school and has been adopted enthusiastically by teachers and students. Parental engagement with homework and revision is improving gradually but most importantly, far fewer are the homework battles and more active are our students in taking responsibility for their independent learning.

Emily Tudor, Vice Principal for Teaching & Learning at St Paul’s Academy, Greenwich, London

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Doddle provides schools with a consistent online homework solution across all departments and key stages. Our powerful platform also provides comprehensive overviews of what is being set, and how students are performing.

Improve organisation

Organising homework with Doddle is simple. Our powerful online platform enables teachers to assign and monitor whole terms worth of lessons and homework at once.

Communication with students and parents is straightforward too, as Doddle accounts organise homework into manageable To Do lists for students and makes their assignments and scores visible to their parents.

Improve online homework organisation across your whole school
Self-marking homework resources instantly update to the online markbook

Reduce teacher workload

Doddle reduces workload associated with homework assignments and marking by providing over 2,400 curriculum specific self-marking quizzes.

A breakdown of students quiz results are automatically delivered into the Doddle markbook, giving teachers an instant overview of individual and class attainment.

Personalise learning

Our fully flexible system allows effective identification and intervention throughout the school year.

Through Doddle teachers can easily assign differentiated work for students who need extra support and more advanced materials for those who are ready to be stretched.

Support intervention for individual students with personalised assignments

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