Doddle gives parents a comprehensive overview of their child’s homework in one secure online platform.
Parents can view the assignments which have been set for their child, monitor their deadlines and instantly see their results through Doddle Parent.

A clear To Do list

Through the Doddle To Do list parents can keep track of the homework that their child has been set in every subject, see upcoming assignments and monitor when it is all due.

Doddle To Do lists organize all homework tasks online
Parents can browse all the resources their child has been set

Accessible resources

Parents can launch the teaching presentations, self-marking quizzes and interactive activities which their child has been set, enabling them to stay engaged with the topics their child is working on.

An insight into learning

Parents can also see their children's homework results, allowing them to support their children's learning outside of the classroom.

Parents can see the results of their child's submitted homework

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