Hillcrest International Schools

Mr Vargas had already been successfully using Boardworks’ interactive presentations to enhance his Spanish lessons for five years before he was introduced to our new Doddle platform.

Consisting of the same great Boardworks presentations, Doddle is also Mac and tablet-friendly, and contains a range of additional resources – from mini quizzes to revision exercises and exam-style questions.

Mr Vargas has been so impressed with the reliable content that: ‘five years later, thanks to the Doddle online resources, I have done away with textbooks for the IGCSE level Spanish.’

Doddle resources are not only ideal as part of whole-class teaching; you can also assign resources to individual students to work on independently or as homework. Mr Vargas tells us this has ‘widened my possibilities to differentiate in class; I can ask advanced or lower-ability students to do different work and automatically receive their scores as soon they have completed an assignment. The Doddle markbook is a great source of information for the teacher. Not only can I see the performance of each student question by question, I can also take a look at how active the students have been during the week with revision sessions.’

Mr Vargas also uses the resources to assess reading and listening skill outside the classroom, allowing for more effective use of contact-time to focus on qualitative feedback. ‘I can now emphasise on speaking and writing skills during lessons where they have teacher guidance, knowing that the reading and listening is taken care of.’

Doddle resources are suitable for teaching the international curriculum, including the Cambridge International curriculum, IGCSEs and the International Baccalaureate. Mr Vargas, who teaches IGCSE languages, has found that ‘the number of resources for IGCSE level in Doddle is amazing. The revision activities, grammar and different types of assessment have virtually everything the students need for excellent exam preparation.’