HELP International School, Kuala Lumpur

Mohd Nasirali teaches KS3 Science at HELP International School where Doddle has recently been embedded into the Science department. Nasir talks about how Doddle has helped to save teachers time and engage students.

Why Doddle?

Nasir describes Doddle as a “quick and easy back-up”. The wealth of resources available enable teachers at HELP to provide content for lessons, saving them valuable time which would ordinarily be spent on lesson planning. As Nasir says, “It has given a lot of breathing-space for teachers!

Doddle resources and the markbook

Students and teachers at HELP particularly like the interactive nature of Doddle resources, while Nasir draws attention to the quizzes and tests. All of these are self-marking, helping to save teachers even more time and feeding results back into the markbook. Nasir highlights the usefulness of the quizzes tab within the markbook, which details student quiz scores. These results can then be downloaded into a user-friendly spreadsheet.