Grange School, Nigeria

In our latest case study, we spoke to the Heads of Physics, Geography and MFL at the Grange School in Nigeria to hear about their experiences with Doddle. Here Solomon Imoniakemu (Physics), Adekemi Aderinto (Geography) and Ajibola Adebowale (MFL) tell us the ways in which Doddle has helped to engage both teachers and students alike.

Why did you first begin using Doddle and what impact has it had at your school?

Solomon: We were using Boardworks resources before we were introduced to Doddle. We wanted a solution to homework, and to create a better and easier system within the school for assessment. Since the introduction of Doddle, both teachers and students have found homework more interesting and rewarding.

Adekemi: Doddle has made learning more fun and has encouraged students to look forward to assessments in different topics.

What do students and teachers at your school like about Doddle?

Solomon: Teachers really appreciate the variety of resources available on Doddle, from presentations to mini quizzes, all of which can be set as homework tasks. Students are able to re-do a piece of homework and thus can measure their progression on their own.

Adekemi: The availability of all students’ homework in one place makes the completion of homework more efficient for students, while the harnessing of scores is made easier for teachers. Doddle helps to corroborate learning in and out of the classroom.

Ajibola: The range of different activities on Doddle makes it easy to differentiate tasks for learners of various learning styles; this can be done as both homework and classwork.

What are your favourite features on Doddle?

Solomon: I particularly like the presentations and the quizzes, as well as the way that quizzes are graded in the markbook.

Adekemi: The markbook is effective in the way that it helps save a lot of time that teachers would ordinarily spend on marking.

Ajibola: I love everything about Doddle but, above all, I think I prefer the interactive activities and the timed tasks.