Doddle provides really meaningful work for students. If other MFL teachers want to establish a classroom full of students who are engaged, want to learn for themselves, revise and try to improve, then I would absolutely recommend Doddle.

Andy Llewellyn, MFL Teacher at South Island School

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For French teachers who are teaching to a demanding specification, Doddle French is an online teaching and learning platform for KS3 and KS4. It provides a wide scope of engaging resources which support specialist and non-specialist teachers to build a foundation for students to be able to read, write, speak and understand French confidently in their exams.
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Teaching resources

Reclaim the time to prepare and deliver quality lessons with a bank of reliable teaching materials and space to collaborate across your department.

Access quality ready-made teaching resources packed with audio from native speakers and curriculum specific content.

Self-marking homework

Get students practising their reading, listening and translation skills with differentiated authentic French texts and translation passages.

See results instantly, with insight into students’ vocabulary and grammar skills.

Exam preparation

Support effective exam preparation with tier-differentiated exam-style tests and walk students through the GCSE French exams with our literature and translation tutorials.

Your students can also independently access Doddle resources, including a range of engaging revision activities.

Insightful assessment

Track homework submissions and access a question-level analysis of your students’ quiz results.

With Doddle French you can reduce your marking workload and assign targeted intervention for all students.

What's in Doddle French?

  • Introductions
  • Family and friends
  • Home and town
  • School
  • Free time
  • Food
  • Clothes
  • Technology
  • Health
  • Media
  • The environment
  • Holidays and tourism
  • The French-speaking world
  • Family and relationships
  • Technology
  • Free time
  • Food
  • Home and town
  • The French-speaking world
  • Social issues
  • Health
  • The environment
  • Travel and tourism
  • Studies
  • Future plans: further study and work

Our 37 new topic bundles help you comprehensively cover these topics at a granular level.
Each bundle contains:

  • A listening quiz which focuses on listening comprehension, with native-speaker audio
  • A reading quiz which tests reading comprehension
  • A vocab test to drill students on the core vocab
  • A revision resource with activities that sum up the content of the other three resources
  • Grammar
  • Vocab
  • Study skills
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Translation
  • AQA GCSE French 2016
  • Edexcel GCSE French 2016
  • Eduqas GCSE French 2016
  • Whole class teaching presentations
  • Self-marking homework quizzes on topics, grammar, vocab and language skills
  • Self-marking exam quizzes on listening, reading, translation and literature
  • Interactive revision activities
  • Printable worksheets

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