Launching Resources

Most of the resources on Doddle are best viewed on PC or Laptops. This includes Doddle presentations which include interactive Flash slides. Mobile or tablet devices are best suited for students using our quizzes or revision activities.


What content can be used on which devices?

Laptop and PC:

  • All resources can be launched and used from laptops and PCs if you have enabled Flash in your browser.

Tablet and mobile:

  • All the Key Stage 3 and 4 quizzes and revisions will work on any device.
  • Students using the IOS app can also download and use all the worksheets, flashcards or posters. The worksheets download as word docs, but students can open these in the Microsoft Word app, or import them into Google Drive and open with Google Docs.
  • Presentations can be viewed on tablets, but they won’t have the full functionality. Students will be able to read the slides, but won’t be able to interact with any of the interactive Flash elements (slides that have the red “F” flash icon in the top right).
  • Interactives are not currently accessible on tablets or mobile devices.
How do I ‘enable Flash’?

When launching a presentation or interactive on a desktop browser, press the 'Puzzle' or 'Block' icon, depending on your browser.


If you cannot see this yet, right click on the puzzle icon in the URL bar and click 'Manage'. From here you can change the setting from blocking Flash to asking permission to launch. When you reload the page you will be able to enable Flash.

Internet Explorer:


If you don't have Flash installed the browser will tell you there is a missing plugin and walk you through installing it.

Can students open a presentation from a tablet or mobile?

Yes – they should be able to work through the slides on their mobile device. Any slides containing interactive Flash content will only display as a static image, but students will still be able to view the rest of the content.

How do I find tablet and mobile friendly content?


You can tell if a resource is tablet and mobile friendly by filtering using this button:

or by looking for the tablet friendly icon:


Click the mobile friendly filter to see resources you can run on your phone or tablet:

What will happen to the Flash content at the end of 2020?

All Doddle quizzes, tests, revisions and animations for Years 7-11 are already in HTML and work on all devices.

However, the interactive resources and presentations do still contain Flash.  Our editorial team is currently working on removing Flash from our resources while still maintaining all the vital content you and your students need. You can already see some of the new Flash-free content, along with some new functionality – including faster loading, easier navigation and key-word search within the presentations. Just look for presentations with the “Tablet Friendly” icon.

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