Why I chose Doddle Progress: The experience and impact at Firth Park Academy

Otis McFadden from Firth Park Academy describes how they have been using Doddle to track progress and lead meaningful interventions across the school.

Read his blog and watch the video of his recent presentation on how Doddle has enhanced teaching and assessment in his school.

How have you used Doddle Progress in your school?

“Last year we used Doddle to launch a weekly homework system across all year groups for all teachers. The change was a huge success; staff were really glad to have the extra time that using Doddle created, mitigating their need to mark regular homework. It also gave year 11 teachers a great overview of skills and abilities in different topics when it came to revision time.


So, naturally we were keen to explore the Doddle Progress system with some classes to see if we could develop another whole school process. This year I have piloted Doddle Progress with several year 7 classes across two terms. I was able to build tailored assessment objective lists with relative ease and then assign Doddle’s progress tests for each of these objectives at the end of a module. markingoverloadquote2-copy

The beauty of this process was that at the end of a topic I would produce a revision/intervention homework booklet for all students from analysing the progress data within Doddle. It contained extra reading and work on all areas of the topic – some activities were my own, others were from the bank of Doddle resources. However, students only needed to complete the sections which they had scored poorly on when tested. This meant I produced one piece of work but students got a fully tailored intervention menu after finishing a topic and completing their progress tests.”

What impact have you seen in your department using Doddle Progress?

“This approach of plugging gaps in knowledge as we move through the curriculum has meant students have felt far more confident moving onto successive modules.

It has also made teaching modules which build on previous work far more fun, enjoyable and interesting, for both me and the students. I am not constantly explaining the meaning of certain terms whenever they come back up, and am more confident in my class’s prior knowledge before beginning more difficult lessons. markingoverloadquote1-copy

The intervention put in place after the Doddle tests has helped improve outcomes on the second set of online assessments. Students are much happier too: many members of the class have commented that they would like to do this in other lessons to make sure they understand everything before moving on to new topics.”

Why did you choose the Doddle Progress tracker?

“We have embraced Doddle within our school over the last year, as it deploys technology in an effective manner to reduce teacher workload, while improving assessment and tracking of student progress.

Our school has been looking for methods which improve on the clearly outdated, standardised testing approach to monitoring progress and Doddle was the best option to develop our assessment practices.

It has been really enjoyable using Doddle Progress this year and the results we’ve had from it mean we will be rolling this approach out to the whole of KS3 starting from September.”

Otis McFadden, Science Department, Firth Park Academy

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