Enhancing learning at Les Quennevais School

By Dan Spencer, Head of Geography at Les Quennevais School

Within the Geography department, we started using Doddle as the basis of our KS3 homework. It provides an extensive range of resources, including self-marking quizzes which we felt was a real time saver and reduced our workload. What’s more, the quizzes linked in well with our curriculum and not only challenged students but also supported what they had learnt within class.

To maintain a high standard, we challenged all students to complete any quizzes they were set by 60% or above and as a result we have seen a real impact on outcomes. Students often have to take the quizzes two or three times, but this serves to build and develop their resilience to tackle the challenging geography curriculum.

The quizzes provide students with the opportunity to develop their understanding of the topic before we have even taught the content in the classroom. Often, I have comments in class from students such as “I know this because I learnt it on Doddle” or “The answer to this is ‘x’ and I know this because I did it last night on my Doddle homework”.

As a department we find this extremely beneficial; we know that the homework is having a positive impact, establishing and enhancing learning as well as improving the outcomes and achievement of our students.
Doddle’s geographical skills quizzes are especially beneficial as they provide an engaging stimulus for our students and enable us to use low-stakes testing for retrieval practice. Our KS4 students enjoy using the quizzes to check their own knowledge and comprehension as well as boosting their confidence, showing them that they do understand the course content.

In using Doddle, we realised that it had the potential to help us as a department better understand our students and their learning needs. We started to incorporate the quizzes into our lessons to check our students’ comprehension after each topic.

The interactive resources engage students and, along with the presentations, they provide a good basis for lessons and assisting learning.

Doddle also allows us to open up a dialogue with parents, as they can log on and see how their son or daughter is progressing throughout the whole year rather than just having snapshot reports.

Having resources that are already done for you is a great time saver and further reduces workload which means that, as a department, we can further develop our curriculum and improve the outcomes of our students.
When you sit down as a department and address each topic in line with your schemes of learning, you’ll discover that the resources provided are well worthwhile. They reduce the workload of the department in the long term, whilst benefitting students.

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