Doddle enables us to support students in mastering core skills while those students who are already confident can move on with their learning, and this is one of the reasons I would recommend it.

Rob Cornick, Course Director of English

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With Doddle English, you no longer need to spend valuable time creating resources from scratch nor marking repetitive tests, but can use over 1,800 curriculum-specific resources designed to engage your students.

Quizzes for the new specifications

Our self-marking quizzes help support students’ knowledge recall for the linear exams and deliver formative feedback and revision slides to students as they go.

Our differentiated Assessment Objective quizzes embed core reading and writing skills required for the English Language and English Literature exams, whilst familiarising students with a range of challenging text types.

There are quizzes to cover AO1-AO6, with versions for students working at grades 1-4 and 5-9.

English Literature quizzes test students on key characters and plot development in many popular texts; these and our revision activities can be used alongside the reading of the text or assigned throughout the year to space learning and consolidate knowledge.

We also provide self-marking quizzes for every poem in the AQA Love and Relationships and Power and Conflict Anthologies.

Teaching and testing SPaG

 With over 300 digital SPaG resources you have all the tools you need to teach, test and embed core theory. Our teaching presentations and revision activities help you to deliver engaging lessons and quality independent learning.

Our self-marking SPaG quizzes provide instant results and give students formative feedback.

Question-by-question analysis allows you to identify common misconceptions across the class and target intervention while saving hours of marking time.

Insightful assessment

With Doddle English you can reduce your marking workload and assign targeted intervention for all students.

You can assign and track homework submissions through Doddle and access a question-level analysis of your students’ quiz results in the markbook.

Using these results, combined with students confidence ratings, you can assign individual or whole-class revision to target weaker skills.

What's in Doddle English?

Topics and Texts: KS3 English

KS3 English:

  • Reading (fiction)
  • Reading (non-fiction)
  • Writing
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Speaking & Listening
  • Creative Writing

KS3 Shakespeare:

  • Much Ado about Nothing
  • Richard III
  • The Tempest
  • Romeo and Juliet
Topics and Texts: KS4 English Literature

KS4 Drama:

  • An Inspector Calls
  • A View from the Bridge
  • Macbeth
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • The Crucible

KS4 Poetry:

  • A quiz for every poem in the Love and Relationships Anthology (AQA)
  • A quiz for every poem in the Power and Conflict Anthology (AQA)

KS4 Prose:

  • A Christmas Carol
  • Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
  • Frankenstein
  • Great Expectations
  • The Sign of Four
  • Lord of the Flies
  • The Speckled Band
  • To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Touching the Void
  • Of Mice and Men
Topics and Texts: KS4 English Language

KS4 Reading:

  • AO1: Read and understand texts
  • AO2: Language and structure
  • AO2: Identifying writers' structural choices
  • AO2: Commenting on the effect of language
  • AO2: Commenting on the effect of structure
  • AO3: Compare writers' ideas and perspectives
  • AO3: Writers' methods
  • AO4: Using evidence from the text
  • AO4: Evaluating texts

KS4 Writing:

  • AO5: Writing to describe
  • AO5: Writing to narrate
  • AO5: Writing with a viewpoint
  • AO6: Technical Accuracy

KS4 Spoken language:

  • Listening and discussing
  • Presenting
  • Role-playing
  • AQA GCSE English Language (2015 onwards)
  • AQA GCSE English Literature (2015 onwards)
  • Edexcel GCSE English Language (2015 onwards)
  • Edexcel GCSE English Literature (2015 onwards)
  • Eduqas GCSE English Language (2015 onwards)
  • Eduqas GCSE English Literature (2015 onwards)
  • OCR GCSE English Language (2015 onwards)
  • OCR GCSE English Literature (2015 onwards)
  • WJEC GCSE English Language (2015 onwards)
  • WJEC GCSE English Literature (2015 onwards)
  • Teaching presentations
  • Worksheets
  • Quizzes
  • Revision resources
  • Exam practice resources
  • Interactives and animations

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