Effective reporting with Doddle

Producing student reports is only a valuable use of time if you can apply the lessons learned from them.

We have therefore designed a system based on the principle of ‘collect once, use many times’ so that reporting can be efficient and effective.

Doddle makes it easy to collect in-depth data on student progress through our detailed proformas that correlate directly to our teaching resources and self-marking tests. This enables you to use this data in a variety of ways to be of most value to your key stakeholders.

Reporting for Students

individual_student_report_alProviding constructive and detailed feedback to individual students enables them to make real changes. Doddle produces reports which are designed to engage students in their progress and encourage them to improve.

These reports present RAG ratings for a student's proficiency in each skill; their areas of strength and weakness are clearly highlighted and can be turned into positive and practical next steps. Students are given confidence through their successes and are provided an opportunity to ‘go green’ by improving their results.

Reporting for SLT slt_table

Whole school overviews are available to make sure everyone is on track and reporting can even be produced to cover key cohorts and groups.

This saves teachers time in collating information and allows leadership teams to easily view the progress being made at each key stage.

Reporting for Parents

parent-view-mob_0Getting parents engaged in the learning process is crucial to providing students with consistent support; however opportunities to communicate between school and home can be hard to come by.

The straightforward and detailed communication which Doddle’s online parental reporting system provides can make a big difference to the way students and parents approach homework and revision.

Doddle Parent enables teachers to keep families in the loop about the specifics of their child’s strengths and weaknesses on individual topics and skills, ensuring students are able to make the most of their time at home and in school!

See what Doddle can do for your school

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