Effective assessment at Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College

by Paul Coward

At Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College, Head of PE Paul Coward has been developing his department’s approach to assessment using Doddle.

“Doddle is a really good assessment tool because it gives us a profile of what students can and can’t do. With the old National Curriculum levels system, it was impossible to allocate a level to an individual activity so you always got a best-fit number, which didn’t really mean anything. But with Doddle students know exactly what it is they have to work on to improve.”

Paul comments that this is particularly useful for parents who are keen to support their children’s progress.

“Doddle helps us identify, track and show what kids need to work on, breaking it down into key skills that can be shared with parents. They appreciate this because it’s no longer a case of “he’s good at football, but needs to get better at gymnastics”, it’s much more specific. So it might be that he needs to be a little more resilient, make movements flow better, or help his peers more in class.”

Paul has developed an approach to assessment based on a system created by the Youth Sport Trust, categorising skill statements to assess pupils in three bands – “head” (thinking and creating), “hands” (physical competence), and “heart” (social and emotional well being). The skill statements in each of these bands are simply assessed three times per year.

“One of the real advantages of Doddle is that it allows us to assess on a tablet when we’re out and about with our classes in front of us. It’s easy to do whilst in the gym, on the courts or out on the field and it’s not time consuming because it doesn’t involve anything outside of lessons. It’s really easy, even with shared classes where more than one member of staff will want input and it even helps staff track student progress in shared classes better than before.”

“Doddle will then produce a report to say this is what they can do and this is what they can’t do. For us, these could replace conventional reports saving us a huge amount of time, as detail of their attainment is provided directly by Doddle and teachers can then add any comments on behaviour or effort."

When it comes to revision for GCSE classes, Paul explains that Doddle provides an invaluable way of making revision accessible to students whilst keeping track of and evidencing which students have completed revision prior to written assessments.

“We set pupils self-marking quizzes for independent study. The massive benefits of using the Doddle self-marking quizzes are that you know when students have completed the work, you can see an immediate breakdown of their results, and can track improvements over time. All this can be done without any work load on your part other than clicking to assign the resources! Furthermore, the kids still get really high-quality feedback from Doddle, question by question, which is more than you would be able to provide if you were marking by hand.”

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