Meaningful support for your EAL learners with Doddle

How Caxton College in Spain use Doddle to deliver high-quality teaching to every pupil

"Pupils use Doddle resources during lessons and also at home, either as homework or to prepare for assessments. Pupils can work at their own pace, and can go over the work as many times as they wish, until they are comfortable with the content. Also, feedback is immediate so pupils know where their strengths are and in which areas they need to improve.

KS3 pupils, in particular, really enjoy the different activities available in the quizzes as learning feels more like playing a game. The Doddle activities have a strong focus on literacy and this has been incredibly useful as the majority of our pupils are learning English as a second language."

Dr Nicola Porch, Head of KS3 Science, Caxton College, Spain

How can Doddle support my EAL learners in Science?

Doddle provides students with a range of varied resources, engaging many different types of learners. Every self-marking quiz also has a range of question types to keep students engaged.

Students have their own accounts, enabling EAL learners to read up on content in their own time before or after a lesson. They can also repeat resources as many times as they like.

You can set all homework on Doddle in advance; this means you can set EAL students flipped learning, including key words in advance of a lesson.

All Science quiz results feed into your own online markbook and can be filtered by student, so you can identify areas where EAL students may be struggling and then set them targeted intervention – this also enables you to see if the errors are issues of language comprehension or of subject comprehension.

Some Doddle resources include built-in audio and pull-out glossaries to aid your students with technical vocabulary. Interactive activities also help to break down complex concepts into manageable segments, often in an engaging and animated way.

"EAL learners benefit from being able to process information at their own pace and, with the use of revision activities, have new words read aloud to aid understanding."

Sean McGeough, Science teacher, Nexus International School, Singapore

Try a resource for yourself!

Doddle Science has over 2,000 resources, including 600 self-marking quizzes. This particular resource is a revision activity, designed to help students age 11-14 recap a topic they have learnt in class. It includes built-in audio and has no time pressures, enabling students to break down concepts in their own time and as many times as they like. Students have their own logins to Doddle, giving them independent access to resources and homework activities.

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Photo credit: “Students in a science lesson” © DGLimages