Assessment for Learning and Doddle

“Assessment for learning is the process of seeking and interpreting evidence for use by learners and their teachers to decide where the learners are in their learning, where they need to go and how best to get there”. 
  - The Assessment for Learning Strategy


Assess what stage students are at, share that information with them, then decide and implement what the next steps are that they need to take.

But, as a recent survey conducted by Manchester University shows, recognising the value of AfL and putting it into practice are two quite different things. Whilst 80% of the 480 heads surveyed rated AfL as a “very high priority”, a follow-up visit revealed that only 24 schools were regularly using AfL principles in the classroom.

Surveys like this are a reminder of the challenges teachers face when trying to incorporate pedagogical strategies like AfL into their everyday teaching practice. Techniques like marking only with comments rather than grades, or encouraging students to set self-assessment targets, are powerful tools but they require a lot of forward planning to implement.

With this in mind, we’ve come up with some ways that you can use Doddle to support AfL in your school:

AfL for students

One of the main aims of AfL is to empower students with knowledge of their own progress. Sharing results, learning objectives and success criteria with students makes them aware of where they are and what they need to do to progress.

With Doddle, students can see both short and long-term progression. In the short-term, students can see how they did at the end of each assessment, whilst the Completed tab lets them view a record of results over time.

But AfL isn’t just about data, it’s also about fostering higher-level skills such as self-assessment.

Doddle helps your students get into the self-assessment habit through confidence scores. Confidence scores get students thinking about their own level of understanding, whether they’re happy with it, or whether they need to do something to improve it. As a teacher, you can use these scores as a starting point for a discussion with students about their progress.

AfL for teachers

The kind of personalised, qualitative feedback required by AfL is, frankly, time-consuming to produce. The Doddle online markbook gives you back the time that you need to provide in-depth, personalised feedback.

After results have been reported back automatically, the markbook allows you to analyse these results in greater detail. You can spot dips or leaps in progress and see the specific topics that are causing problems for individual students/whole classes.

Knowing all this information allows you to:
     •   develop personalised homework programmes for students;
     •   adapt teaching based on results within specific topics – does a topic need to be recapped/taught in a different way?;
     •   set differentiated, meaningful homework that supports or stretches students as appropriate.

Take back the time you need to implement AfL effectively; book an in-school visit and see how Doddle could help support AfL in your school.

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