Doddle with CAT testing: completing the assessment picture

Now more than ever before, the path to excellent student outcomes at GCSE and A-Level is a challenging one for schools. On top of newly introduced, highly challenging exam content, schools must ensure they are accurately baselining KS3 students, making sensible and challenging predictions of their potential, and ensuring that students make expected progress.

Without the aid of National Curriculum levels, schools have had to address these challenges self-sufficiently, with full confidence in their methods and assessment system. And during the first years of Attainment 8 and Progress 8, the goalposts are likely to continue to shift.

Schools using CAT4 testing are aware of these challenges. Testing results provide schools with a more detailed picture of individual students, and enhance KS2 data with cognitive ability assessments. Teachers are better equipped to set challenging expectations for their students – without inundating young pupils with endless testing, and letting them get on with learning.

Periodic summative assessments, though, don’t provide the whole picture. How often are students regarded as being secure on a topic or set of skills, only for subsequent assessment to reveal weaknesses?

This is where Doddle complements CAT testing perfectly. With a combination of self-marking progress tests and formative resources, Doddle provides an ongoing, formative assessment system. Our red-amber-green assessment metric for individual skills communicates to students, parents, SLT and inspectors where areas of weakness lie, helping teachers to target those skills and help students “go green”.


With over 21,000 teaching and learning resources across 18 subjects, Doddle gives teachers the power to run targeted interventions, with differentiated teaching and revision resources for different ability groups. Areas of weakness can be identified and addressed as soon as they arise – not at the last minute.

Taken together, Doddle and CAT testing are a uniquely powerful combination. Combining the two enables schools to complete their assessment picture for each student, building on KS2 data with frequent, formative assessments and targeted intervention resources.

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