The Doddle Suite contains over 23,000 engaging teaching and assessment resources across 18 subjects. Our materials are used in over 85% of UK schools and are trusted by teachers worldwide.
Doddle resources


Doddle contains engaging presentations, interactive activities and self-marking quizzes which are packed with audio and animations to bring your topics to life.

Doddle Suite resources are regularly updated to meet new curricula and exam board specifications, covering KS3 and KS4 for:

Doddle Progress

Doddle Progress tracks student, class and cohort progress through key curriculum skills and enables schools to build valuable assessment data.

Our learning checklists provide a clear path through the curriculum, while our assessment tools tracks attainment and enables in-depth and flexible reporting at every step.

Doddle Progress reporting


We have years of experience implementing new technology in schools, so we'll help you at every stage of your subscription with:

-   Your dedicated Doddle Account Manager to help you with any questions and provide tailored support.

-   Personalised in-school training sessions with one of our Educational Consultants so everyone starts off on the right foot.

-   Pedagogical support from an Education Adviser, who’ll provide advice on using Doddle to implement and achieve your school’s objectives.

-   A data team to import all your teacher and student data for you.

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