Doddle has many great features, but perhaps the most important aspect for me is the vast curriculum coverage, from a brand that is well respected in education. The content is then supplemented by self-marking quizzes, which enable staff to easily see how well students have done, and adapt their teaching schemes accordingly. Staff now are able to set meaningful homework, with minimum time investment. They use the question-by-question analysis from quizzes to tailor their teaching.

Scott Preston, Principal of Mesaieed International School

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The Doddle Suite contains over 23,000 engaging teaching and assessment resources across 18 subjects. Our materials are used in over 30 countries worldwide.
Doddle resources


Doddle contains engaging presentations, interactive activities and self-marking quizzes which are packed with audio and animations to bring your topics to life.

Doddle Suite resources are regularly updated to meet new demands of the specifications, covering content for students age 11-16, for the below subjects:

Why the Doddle Suite?

The Doddle Suite is a whole-school platform designed to:

-   Improve consistency of homework setting, with all homework set across one platform (you can set all homework tasks, as well as Doddle resources on the Doddle platform)

-   Improve reporting and progress tracking, with the ability to access all students' results in Doddle's self-marking quizzes, across classes and subjects

-  Ensure a high quality of teaching and learning across the whole school, with ready-made resources designed to challenge and motivate your students in equal measure

-   Improve homework visibility, with all students and parents knowing exactly where to go to see what tasks are outstanding

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