Doddle Parent at Weston Favell Academy – engaging parents through student leadership

Weston Favell Academy share homework and assessment information with parents quickly and easily through Doddle Parent.

It’s a fantastic way to facilitate more efficient communication between school and home and enables parents to support their children more effectively.


Doddle breaks down the curriculum into manageable, RAG rated skills so that parents can see precisely where their child is struggling and where their knowledge is secure. Parents can therefore help their children make progress at school through targeted support based on live information taken straight from the classroom without increasing teacher workload.

Director of Creative Curriculum, Peter Williams, puts student leadership at the heart of Doddle at Weston Favell Academy.  Students were selected to become 'Student Heroes' and lead on the launch with parents. “They love Doddle. They are able to show their leadership and it boosts their confidence to learn and show others how to learn through Doddle”.

Student Heroes were trained up to lead a “Parent Pitstop” drop-in at parents’ evening. Their mission was to get parents signed up to a Doddle Parent account and provide parents with a tour of the platform to ensure they walked away knowing how useful and brilliant it would be. This format proved to be a real success with parents, “We didn’t think parents would want to stop for long, but some were staying for up to 10 minutes!”

With Doddle Parent, parents can...

  • See all homework their child has been assigned
  • View the resources they have been set
  • See when homework is submitted
  • View scores from self-marking quizzes
  • View RAG ratings for skills in all subjects
  • See when their child last logged in
See what Doddle can do for your school

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