Doddle for tutors

Affordable interactive tutoring resources for that ‘ah-ha’ moment with every student.

Creating effective and engaging KS3 and KS4 tutoring sessions is simple with Doddle.

You can enhance your students understanding of even the trickiest topics and get that ‘ah-ha’ moment every time with Doddle’s ready-made, interactive tutoring resources.

Save time in planning and diagnosing exactly where a student’s weaknesses lie with our self-marking quizzes and get instant insight into the performance and progress of each student you work with.

I’d recommend Doddle for tutors wholeheartedly.
It has been an essential element in my students obtaining the highest grades, by providing engaging, interactive content.

Dr Paul Coffey, Private Tutor, B.Sc. (Hons,), M.Sc., Ph.D., P.G.C.E., Q.T.S., E.D.M., A.C.M.I.

What will you get from Doddle?

Engaging resources

Doddle contains thousands of interactive ready-made resources across all subjects at KS3 and KS4, designed to engage students, embed learning and demonstrate progress.

With our bank of presentations, revisions and quizzes at your fingertips you will have the perfect resource for every student, ready to assign.

Targeted intervention

Self-marking quizzes make it easy to identify which topics your students need help with, so you can quickly find and assign formative resources which will help to fill gaps in their knowledge and indicate when they are up to speed.


What's available in my subject?

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What does it cost?

If you are using Doddle as an individual tutor

A subscription to one subject at KS3 & KS4 is just £25 per month (or £200 per year).

If you teach more than one subject, you can add on others for just an extra £10 per month per subject.
In Science and Maths there is also the option to add on AS and A-Level content content for an extra £5 per month.

Included in an individual tutor subscription is use for up to 25 students in your account.

If you are using Doddle for a tutor organisation get in touch for a personalised quote.

If you subscribe to Doddle on a tutor licence then it is only for use as a tutor and not in schools. If you would like to enquire about using Doddle in school, please click here.

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Doddle has axed the time I previously spent on creating high quality interactive resources and has given both me and my customers confidence in session delivery, enabling me to focus on what matters most: high quality learning and teaching.

This combined with reduced hours spent on preparation has allowed me to grow my student numbers and ultimately my turnover.

Louie Ruck, GCSE and A-Level Tutor