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Supporting independent home learning with Doddleplus.

Sign-up as a parent and take a look around for free. Once happy, subscribe your child / young person as a student and let their independent learning begin.

£50 yearly
for a single subject or package
£25 yearly
per additional subject or package



Independent learning

Doddleplus brings a targeted selection of our best content straight in to your home.

If you are looking for fantastic independent learning resources to support your child in achieving top marks in their core KS3, GCSEs and A-Levels, Doddleplus delivers the complete curriculum in Science, Maths and English in a way which organises everything, engages students and embeds learning.

Accessible resources

Doddle plus offers students access to our in-depth learning resources in Science, Maths, and English from years 7 through 13. We offer resources to both teach & test students, that help independent learners work through everything they need to know, at their own pace.

Parental tracking

Doddle Plus gives parents the ability to drill down into their students progress, with in-depth reporting and live tracking data.

Student Exploration

Students can easily explore resources available to them, our subject and topic hierarchy is easy to navigate, and is additionally organised by year. 


We are currently offering the following subjects and special packages:

Subjects Years Single subject or package Additional subject or package
Physics A-level 12 and 13 £50 £25
Chemistry A-level 12 and 13 £50 £25
Biology A-level 12 and 13 £50 £25
Maths A-level 12 and 13 £50 £25
Maths 7 to 11 £50 £25
Special offer Packages
English Package – English Language and English Literature 7 to 11 £50 £25
Science Package – Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Combined 7 to 11 £50 £25


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