Doddle Flash Browser

When logged in through this browser, all Flash based content on Doddle will run seamlessly.

When logged into Doddle through the Doddle Flash Browser, all Flash based Doddle content will run seamlessly.
Until all our content updates are completed, you will need to download and use this browser on each device where you would like to run Doddle presentations, interactives and animations.

To download the browser simply log in to your Doddle account from any computer or laptop. Teachers can find the download in their subject homepage. Students and parents should navigate to a presentation or interactive activity where they will be prompted to download the browser.


Guides for teachers

Launch our step-by-step guides to downloading and installing the browser here:

Walkthrough for students

Watch our video walkthrough of downloading and installing the browser here:

Please note: This is not a plugin, but a whole new browser. You only need to install this once, then simply use this to access Doddle instead of Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge or your usual internet browser. 



Flash Browser FAQs

Why do I need the browser?
Adobe has withdrawn support for Flash as of January 2021. Some elements of our presentations, interactives and animations still use Flash to run. As many of our users still want to be able to access this content, we have made this possible through the new Doddle Flash browser.

Our browser has Flash encoded and tied down to This means that the animated content will still be available to use.

What happens if I don’t download the browser?

We are in the process of updating all Flash content with new, fresh presentations; this is ongoing and will be complete within a few months. In the meantime, you need to download the Doddle Browser in order to access the Flash based animated content.

Without the Doddle Flash browser, teachers will still be able to use Doddle as usual to assign work, launch resources etc. Students will still be able to view their To-Do list, launch resources and complete quizzes. However, without the Doddle Flash browser, the animated Flash elements in presentations, interactives and animations will not be able to run.

If you want to continue using without the browser just tick the ‘Tablet Friendly’ box in the Resources tab. This will filter to only show you the Flash free resources which work on all devices and browsers.

Do all my pupils need to download the browser?

If the pupils need to access animated content, they will need to download our browser.

Quizzes will still work on any device or browser as usual.

Is the browser secure?

Yes. Our browser uses the same technology as Google Chrome. It includes the ability to render Flash content from the Doddle Platform only. This means Flash from other websites will not be executed, keeping our browser secure.

As we have full control over this content it does not have the same security risks as a general Flash browser. It is not possible for Flash to run from any other sites. We are working to update our resources to remove Flash content and this is a priority project with the bulk of this work being completed by the end of March 2021.

Please note:The embedded Flash player in our browser will only play Doddle resources. However, we have no control over other Flash plug-ins that may be installed on your computer or old browser versions you may be running with Flash support. The other Flash content you’re seeing it will be being handled by another plug-in on your computer, and you can uninstall these separately should you wish to do so.

How long will I need to use the new browser for?

We are in the process of updating all Flash content with new, fresh presentations; this is ongoing and will be complete within a few months. We will be in touch when this project is complete.

Will the browser work on tablets or phones?

Currently, the browser will work on desktop and laptop devices only (excluding Chromebooks). As we progress our process of updating and uploading new content, the number of old, Flash based resources will continue to diminish.

I am being asked for admin permissions to install the browser.

Some computers may be restricted by your IT department to ensure unwanted programs are not installed.  Please contact them for assistance, or if you prefer, we can contact them on your behalf if you can send your Account Manager their contact information.

If your computer is a personal computer then you will need to use an account which has permission to install new programs.

I downloaded the browser, but it is asking for server address, what does this mean?

If you are seeing that message, then you have an old version of the browser. You can just put the Doddle web address in the top URL bar, and everything will work as normal.

We would recommend that you re-download the browser to get the latest version which will take you directly to the Doddle website every time.

I have downloaded the browser but am still getting prompted to download it when I try to open a presentation.

The Doddle browser you have downloaded is not a plugin to your existing browser, but a separate application you should use every time you want to use a Doddle presentation. You will continue to see this message whenever you attempt to open a Flash based resource in other browsers.

After installation you will find it under ‘Doddle Learn’ in the start menu (Windows) or in the Application folder (Mac). Use this every time you wish run Doddle.

Is there an installer for IT managers to push the browser out to multiple computers?

If you require a separate installer for this then please contact your Account Manager and this can be provided for you.

Is there a 32bit / 32x version of the browser?

Currently we only offer a 64-bit Windows and 64-bit Mac version.