How Doddle Champions lead the way at Howden School

In this blog post, Paul Harris explains how a team of student Doddle Champions are making a real difference to students independently accessing Doddle at Howden School.

The Doddle Champions also tell us about their role and give their opinion about why they like their teachers using Doddle.

What is the Doddle Champions programme?

“At Howden School we wanted our students to be able to access a support network to help them get used to using Doddle. Our older students were much more confident so we focussed the programme at our KS3 students. We identified a group of students who were using Doddle on a regular basis. These students were all given rewards and offered the opportunity to become Doddle Champions.

markingoverloadquote1-copyWe then promoted the Doddle Champions by putting up displays in corridors and visiting years 7 and 8 tutor groups where we launched a competition to design a logo for the Doddle Champions.

Our Doddle Champions are highly visible around school thanks to the badges they wear, which were designed by our younger students. The Champions also visit tutor bases on a rota system to help offer support and to hand out rewards from time to time.”

Here’s what the Doddle Champions have to say about their posts:

As a Doddle Champion, what’s your job?

“A Doddle champion is there to help other students with any problems they have with Doddle, for example logging on, downloading or finding work.” - Chloe

What do you enjoy about being a Doddle Champion?

“We enjoy being Doddle Champions because we get to help other people and they are often really grateful for the help.” – Sadie and Josh

What are the benefits of having Doddle Champions at your school?

“We help people who do not understand how to use Doddle. If someone cannot get their homework they cannot do it. We help people get what they need quicker so everyone can be more successful.” – Iylise and Zoe

What would you say to a teacher not sure on whether to use Doddle with their students?

“Doddle is a great website and should work for all students. As long as people know how to get help it’s never a problem. The sooner you introduce Doddle to your students the quicker they will become independent learners. This will save teachers time and also there won’t be any possible excuses to why students have not handed in their homework.” – Charly

Paul Harris, Head of Science and Assistant Head

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