COVID-19 Contingency

Support from Doddle

In light of the current situation with COVID-19, you can rely on Doddle to continue to support your online teaching and learning needs.

Our teams will be on hand to help minimise disruption and ensure your staff and students can access their resources and assignments remotely.

Whether you are assigning work for home learners, or teaching in school, we will help you to deliver lessons that engage and challenge all students.

Remote learning with Doddle:

  • Easily assign, personalise and track your tasks and resources online.
  • Organise To-Do lists and lots of ready-made revision resources for students.
  • Monitor assignment completion, results and independent learning.

Please see below for some of our Frequently Asked Questions.


How do I make sure all my students have their passwords?

If an individual needs their password reset you can do this from within the 'Students' tab if you have Admin permissions. If you would like all passwords reset, please get in touch with your Account Manager.

To be able to reset their own passwords, students will need to have an email address associated to their account. Please get in touch if you would like this set up. If you do not have an active MIS link, you will need to send us a spreadsheet containing each student’s name, admission number, year group, class, subject and school email address.

If you are a student who needs help accessing their account, you can ask you teacher to reset your password, or you can call us on 01865 208 440 and we will be able to help you.

How do I support new staff and students to get started?

Our support area contains videos which will help new users get started. You can find the teacher support area here, and the student area here.

Can we share our own resources with students through Doddle?

Yes. You can do this while creating an assignment or upload your own materials into your subject’s Departmental Stuff area so you and other teachers in your department can easily find it. To help keep things organised and easy to find, we recommend setting up folders according to your scheme of work before uploading content into each folder. When uploading, you can multi-select files from your computer to upload more files in one go.

Things to consider when uploading your files:

  • We have a maximum individual file size of 40MB, but for most content that shouldn’t be an issue. Remember you can also include links to other websites, Youtube etc. in task descriptions when assigning work.
  • We do have a school-wide upload limit; if you find you hit it, just get in touch with your Account Manager and we’ll see what we can do.
  • Doddle also contains lots of great interactive teaching and testing activities which you can assign on their own or alongside your own resources.
Can we set up whole year group classes/tutor group classes?

We appreciate that including all students in a year in one class will help you to speed up assigning, so if you let us know the details of the classes you would like set up we will be able to do this for you.

Please contact your Account Manager to arrange.

Which resources can students access through Doddle?

A student logging into Doddle will be able to browse and launch any Doddle presentations, interactives and revision activities in any subject your school is subscribed to. If you have set the specification for them, they will also see a filtered view of resources specific to your curriculum.

*Please note, students will need to be using a PC or laptop to launch interactives or presentations as these are not currently compatible with tablet or mobile devices. You can find out more about this by clicking here. You can filter resources by selecting 'Tablet friendly only' or see which resources are tablet compatible by looking for this icon when assigning them:

Students will only be able to launch quizzes or teacher uploaded resources which have been assigned to them.

*Tip: We’d recommend assigning quizzes to students in organised topic chunks so it’s easier for them to choose between topics in their To-Do list. If you have assignments from earlier in the year that you’d like to make available again, just go into those assignments via the Markbook Overview page and press ‘Reassign’.

How do I know if my students are completing their work on Doddle?

You will be able to monitor your students’ activities from the markbook when you have assigned work. You will be able to see whether the work has been viewed and submitted and can use the 'Download' button to export the data.

You will be able to see quiz scores and a question level analysis of results, however students cannot upload their work, they can just click the submit button to let you know it is complete.

Will there still be office support if I need it?

Absolutely. We have been working hard to put a contingency plan in place that will ensure we can fully support schools through this difficult time.

How do we subscribe to Doddle or add extra subjects?

If you already use Doddle simply get in touch with your account manager and they can help you expand your subscription to include other departments.

If you don't yet use Doddle but would like to sign-up, you can request a quote here, or request an online demonstration here.

Further Support

If we haven't answered your questions you can take a look at the videos and guides on our support pages below:

Contact us

You can also get in touch with our support team:

Call: 01865 208 440
Email: hello@doddlelearn.co.uk