KS3 & KS4

Doddle Citizenship contains hundreds of brilliant resources for your in-class teaching.
These resources are all designed to support teachers and help students in developing their thoughts on the world around them.




Our Citizenship presentations will help students to gain a complete understanding of the KS3 and GCSE curricula. They provide thorough explanations of the key terms and concepts that learners need to know.

They are an excellent resource to aid front-o- class teaching and can also support students’ independent learning and revision.



Our interactive activities help your students to engage with applications of the subject in the real world.

These are a useful and quick refresher for students that can be used in homework or as a lesson recap.



These formative, self-marking tests help students to secure topic knowledge and enable teachers to spot gaps in learning.

Formative feedback after each question helps to embed knowledge and support improvement.



  • Citizenship – what’s it all about?
  • Crime
  • Human rights
  • Britain – a diverse society?
  • How the law protects animals
  • Government, elections and voting
  • Local democracy
  • Leisure and sport in the local community
  • The significance of the media in society
  • Debating a global issue
  • Why is it so difficult to keep the peace?
  • The struggle for the vote
  • How do we deal with conflict?
  • Developing skills of democratic participation
  • What’s in the public interest?
  • People and the environment
  • Human rights
  • Young people and crime
  • Challenging racism and discrimination
  • How and why are laws made?
  • How the economy functions
  • Business and enterprise
  • Planning a community event
  • Producing the news
  • Consumer rights and responsibilities
  • Rights and responsibilities in the world of work
  • Europe – who decides?
  • Global issues, local action


  • KS3 Programme of Study (from 2014)
  • AQA GCSE Citizenship Studies 2016
  • OCR GCSE Citizenship Studies 2016
  • Edexcel GCSE Citizenship Studies 2016

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