Caxton College

Dr Nicola Porch is Head of KS3 Science at Caxton College where they have been using Doddle Science to support their teaching for over three years.

Dr Porch took some time to tell us how Doddle has helped deliver high-quality teaching to every pupil across all three key stages of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and General Science.

'Doddle seemed a logical choice to make when we became a 1:1 iPad school. Pupils use Doddle resources during lessons and also at home, either as homework or to prepare for assessments. Pupils can work at their own pace, and can go over the work as many times as they wish, until they are comfortable with the content. Also, feedback is immediate so pupils know where their strengths are and in which areas they need to improve.

KS3 pupils, in particular, really enjoy the different activities available in the quizzes as learning feels more like playing a game. The Doddle activities have a strong focus on literacy and this has been incredibly useful as the majority of our pupils are learning English as a second language.

Overall, our experience of using Doddle has been very positive and we would recommend the online resource to other international schools.'