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Engaging students in assessment at Pool Hayes Academy

“At the beginning of the day I log into Doddle, then simply pull up each class that I see. As students enter the classroom they can see what they were on last lesson and where they’re aiming to get to this lesson. I also display the Doddle screen on the board during the lessons so that students can see what progress they have made in real time. It really motivates students in a way I haven’t seen before!”

The benefits of ditching homework planners at Hinchingbrooke School

Our old planners were cumbersome, frustrating and were forgotten or lost very often. Students were meant to get them out at the start of each lesson, but invariably did not do so. Even for the students who remembered their planner, some of the instructions were quite long because it’s never as simple as “do the worksheet”, is it?

Newham PRUs: How we got our Progress data Ofsted-ready with Doddle

At New Directions the skill statements were being used in our vocational subjects, but they didn’t have any bearing on intervention, tracking and monitoring. We knew they were going to play a big part in monitoring student progress, but we didn’t have the framework to make it work. There was no platform on which to record this information so this is where Doddle was introduced, and it took off.

Retrieval and retention at Benton Park School

In starting my new role as Director of Science at Benton Park School, I felt it was important to introduce something that could clearly have a positive impact for the students. At Benton Park we use Doddle as the main platform for homework setting, using the pre-made quizzes as low-stakes testing to help improve knowledge retrieval and retention.

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Engaging students in assessment at Pool Hayes Academy

At Pool Hayes Academy, music teacher Alex Hodges has been using Doddle to embed a new approach to assessment in music. Alex has been RAG (red, amber, green) rating individual skill statements to track students’ strengths and weaknesses each lesson and giving her students the opportunity and incentive to make meaningful progress.

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