Intervention and motivation at Caistor Yarborough

Jeremy Newnham, Headteacher at Caistor Yarborough shared with us the school’s success at using Doddle to implement the Diagnose, Therapy, Test (DTT) intervention model, and how students have benefited from using Doddle both in and outside of the classroom.

Diagnosis is a Doddle

In conjunction with Personalised Learning Checklists, the Doddle online markbook helps Jeremy and his staff diagnose exactly which areas students need to focus on: “I take the first unit and set them some work on that and the markbook lets you see which are the areas students actually need some help in.”

For Jeremy, another key feature of the online markbook is the speed at which it helps him diagnose issues. Automatically reporting marks back to the markbook, Doddle’s self-marking quizzes give Jeremy “instant feedback which saves time, [and is vital] because very often you might only have a week or so to intervene. Having something that shows their marks is brilliant.”

Therapy is a Doddle

Once areas for intervention have been identified, teachers at Caistor Yarborough use Doddle to find the right resources to help their students: “because of the way Doddle is subdivided by curriculum I can find my specification and my individual unit and set them work from that.”

Using Doddle both in class and for homework, students at Caistor Yarborough respond positively to the “familiarity of the way things are explained. There’s a nice connection between what goes on in the classroom and what goes on in the individual feedback and individual diagnosis.”

Likewise, the interactivity and variety of the resources in Doddle help engage students during the therapy stage, whilst the clarity of the resources help break down and reinforce key ideas: “I like using the stepped animations; they break down a process, which is very, very useful for students.”

Testing is a Doddle

Whilst testing to secure is crucial to the DTT model, for Jeremy it’s “the bit that’s time-consuming on both sides; obviously students have to do it, and we have to mark it.”

But with Doddle’s self-marking assessment quizzes, the teachers at Caistor Yarborough have found a system that “takes the workload off.”

As Jeremy points out, “if you’re taking on additional students you don’t normally teach to mentor, it’s really nice to get the marking done for you, because the marking is the bit that stands in the way of helping the student, really.”

With Doddle, the teachers at Caistor Yarborough are spending less time marking and more time giving feedback to students.

Motivating students is a Doddle

For Jeremy, one of the most powerful things about Doddle is that it helps students “make that connection between the amount of effort they put in and the outcome.”

But what it is that motivates Jeremy’s students to persevere and put in the effort required?

Starting with regular Doddle homework quizzes, students can see their marks as soon as they’ve completed their homework: “it’s a self-fulfilling confidence builder; if they’re continually getting 80% or more in the mini quizzes, then you both know that they’re strong in it.”

Then, when it comes to exams, students feel prepared for what they have to do: “when they go into an exam and think ‘Oh gosh yeah, I remember doing that, I remember seeing this’, they do better in their exams.”

Improving results is... hard work!

At Caistor Yarborough, the improvement in results has been a collective effort. Teachers have committed to mentoring extra students, spending hours giving personalised support and feedback. Students have worked independently to improve the areas that need improving. Parents have spent time monitoring their children’s progress and exam revision.

All this has resulted in some fantastic success stories, which we’ll leave Jeremy to tell:

“One of the students who I work very, very closely with used Doddle quite a lot and she improved from a D to an A. Her work was small group teaching from me, using Doddle to go through the material on her own and then a mini quiz, and then onto an exam paper. That success has been repeated time and time again with students.”

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