British Council School, Madrid

David Freeborough and Shawn Henson work at the British Council School in Madrid, as IT & Data Manager and IT Administrator respectively. Both speak about how easy they find Doddle to use, as well as the quality of resources.

Why Doddle?

David: I used Doddle last term when I was teaching English.  It was the quality of the resources that impressed me. It’s still hard to find really good material on the web for teaching English. Doddle is consistently good and can be relied on. The presentations in particular are attractive and well informed, and at the right level.

Shawn: Our users felt confident using this product right from the off. Moreover, this service is so reliable and stable: a point that can be often over looked but is obviously really important when it comes to encouraging teachers and children to use something. I would also like to mention that Doddle have done a great job in supporting us. They reliably draw our attention to their regular content updates and new features which might otherwise have slipped under the radar.

How easy have you found using Doddle?

David: Students find Doddle easier to use than other platforms we have tried. It runs fast and is simple to navigate.

Shawn: In the time we have been subscribing to this product, that’s about 1 year now, I can honestly count the number of times I have been asked for support on one hand! That’s probably because the interface is so easy to use and intuitive.

How would you improve Doddle?

David: In teaching English, I’ve found that Language topics are well covered (for example, Doddle includes a whole range of quizzes for different AO skills). However, I’m looking forward to seeing more literature resources on the platform, as there are so many texts to cover (we are currently publishing new AQA quizzes on poetry).