Brighton College, Abu Dhabi

Samina Jardaneh is the Head of Senior Science at Brighton College, Abu Dhabi. The school use Doddle for both Science and Languages, with Doddle resources fitting seamlessly into the students’ study of the UK specifications.

Doddle Resources

At Doddle, we are continually updating our resources to fit the latest changes in the specifications, ensuring Doddle materials stay up-to-date for use in lessons and as homework. “We love the new content,” Samina attests, “and that it matches perfectly to the new curriculum.” She highlights the presentations as a particularly valuable resource, claiming them to be "spot on".

Engaging students

According to Samina, students at Brighton College “are engaged with Doddle and make good use of the presentations, interactive quizzes and worksheets.”

Samina points to the fact that the presentations, alongside other resources, have been split into smaller, more manageable topics to ensure all students can understand challenging concepts.


Doddle is built to be very intuitive and easy-to-use, with Samina describing the platform as "user-friendly, up to date, relevant" and hitting "the perfect level."