Whole school involvement at Baxter College

We had a chat with Ani O’Connor, a science teacher and e-learning adviser at Baxter College in Kidderminster, who’s had some really great ideas about how to get her whole school involved with Doddle!

She told us all about how teachers have implemented Doddle resources in their lessons whatever their subject, why students love revising with Doddle and shared some of her tips for using Doddle across a whole school.

Help students revise effectively

Ani loves using Doddle to help her students revise, and even goes so far to say that “for revision I think it should be one of the key tools.”

Why does she like it so much? Because it encourages them to be independent and take ownership of their work.

“Students can work at their own pace and they can see what they’re getting wrong straight away. There are revision presentations that link in directly with the quizzes, as well as sample exam questions for them to practise with. I think it’s a good resource for getting them to think about what they’re getting right and what they need to revise in more depth.”

While her students can use Doddle to identify their weaker areas and find the content they need, Ani uses Doddle’s amazing markbook to help her identify areas where students need a little more support so she can personalise their revision programmes inside and outside the classroom. Here’s how she implements Doddle in her students’ revision: “Each of them was given a post-it note with a topic I’d like them to particularly look at based on what they’d got in their Doddle homework. It was a really good supplement to help me guide everything else I do.”

Get every teacher involved – whatever they teach!

But it’s not just the students who enjoy using Doddle: Ani has come up with a unique way of getting staff using the resources regularly across her school – the Doddle leaderboard! “I didn’t realise how competitive people are!” she says.

The leaderboard shows which teachers have been using Doddle the most with their classes and who is the most improved user. Then each month Ani awards the best and the most improved users with mugs and bags to get her staff’s competitive natures going.

Since the staff at Baxter found Doddle so easy to use and implement in their teaching, it’s been a great success! “People were really keen to get on there to get the prizes, and now they’re thinking ‘How can I get a mug?’, ‘How can I get a bag?’ It’s worked so well because of those small incentives and because it is so easy to use.”

Alongside these incentives and the Doddle leaderboard, Ani has held in-school sessions to encourage her staff to use Doddle, and they went down a storm! “All I had to do was log them on and then they just played about with it. It was only meant to be an hour long but some of them were there for two!”

Even teachers who didn’t know much about Doddle were converted once they had a go. Ani told us about one English teacher who wasn’t sure how to fit Doddle resources with his lessons: “When he went on it he started to say things like ‘Well, actually, I could use that for lessons’ or ‘I could use that activity with my bottom set’ or ‘I could use this quiz to set an additional homework to go with that essay.’ He was actually really pleased with it by the time he left.”

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