Doddle A-Level Maths contains hundreds of brilliant resources for your in-class teaching.
These resources have all been designed to support teachers and students through higher levels of study.
Our whole-class presentations, interactive activities and ready built lessons make sure your topics are covered in an easy to follow and engaging way.
AL Maths Presentations
AL Maths Quizzes
Our wide variety of self-marking, tablet compatible quizzes and tests can be easily set and collected through students' secure online accounts.
Students can independently access all Doddle content, including revision activities with instant feedback and formative recap slides. You can also set work for individuals wherever they need extra help.
AL Maths Revision
AL Maths Markbook
Doddle’s online markbook automatically records all students' activities, scores and confidence ratings, so you can easily track your classes' results.

Photo credit: “Young student reading a tablet” © Racorn