What is Doddle?

Our aim is to make resources you want to teach, presented in a way that makes students want to learn.

We’ve created online lesson, homework and revision resources, covering 19 subjects across KS3-KS5, mapped to the latest curricula.

Doddle resources make clever ideas simple by presenting them in an online, interactive sort of a way. Online, so students can do their schoolwork on their laptops. Interactive, because getting students involved in what they’re learning helps makes it more interesting, memorable and, dare we say it, fun.

We want to make it easier for you to assign homework and revision. With Doddle, you can set students work to complete online and see exactly when they complete it.

The big advantage of Doddle resources is that students can access them independently, taking ownership for their own learning.

We’re just trying to make it easier for students to get better results for themselves. We’re nice like that.

With self-marking assessment quizzes and an online markbook, you can spend less time marking and more time keeping an eye on your students’ progress.

Students also want to know what progress they're making, and keeping them aware of how they’re doing encourages them to take responsibility for their learning. So with Doddle quizzes, students receive feedback during the quiz, and at the end they’re given their score.

It’s simple really: we want to make students want to do their work. Not just because they have to, but because they find it interesting and because they want to get better at it.

With features such as badges to reward things like effort and time spent doing revision, and everything accessible online any time they like, Doddle lets your students take control of their own learning, and keeps them coming back for more.