Using tablets for learning: free student poster!

How can students use their tablet devices to maximise their learning?

Ideal for students of any subject, this free poster encourages students to be creative with their tablets, with examples like:

 • Sharing ideas and classwork with the world through blogging;
 • Collating their ideas in mindmaps;
 • Collaborating on projects and group work.


Teaching, homework and assessment in the palm of your hand.

Doddle resources are an ideal fit for tablets, both in school and for homework. Our interactive, formative resources engage and stimulate your students on the devices they love to use – and allow for easy integration with your in-class activities, and your desktop and laptop computers.

Watch our case study video above to see how Doddle helps schools to implement tablets effectively across the entire curriculum.




Featured content: symmetry and reflection revision

Try out this interactive revision activity on symmetry and reflection – ideal for use on tablets!

Suitable for KS4 Maths students, the revision covers:

 • Recognising reflection and rotational symmetry;
 • Defining algebraic equations of lines of symmetry;
 • Identifying orders of rotational symmetry.


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Tablet publishing timeline

We're currently converting the over 16,000 resources in Doddle to be tablet-compatible. Click below to see a timeline of our tablet publishing!



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