Whether you think that electricity can spark an interest in science, or that oxidation reactions can create a burning desire to learn, we believe that the best resources can help sow the seed of scientific enquiry, letting it blossom into… OK, OK, enough tortured science metaphors.

But we really do think that the stuff in Doddle Science will help you nurture a love of science in your students – if not of bad metaphors.
Curriculum coverage – the nuts and bolts
With Doddle Science, we’ve made sure that all our resources are carefully mapped to the latest curricula:
  • KS3 – teaching resources, homework quizzes and revision across the whole KS3 Programme of Study.
  • KS4 – teaching resources, homework quizzes and revision mapped to the 2011 specifications for AQA, OCR 21st Century Science, OCR Gateway Science and Edexcel covering Core, Additional and Separate Sciences. The resources are also mapped to the Cambridge, Edexcel and AQA IGCSE specifications.

Teach any topic.
Whether you’re teaching the Big Bang from the very beginning, or want to demonstrate the movement of the heart, Doddle Science has all the resources you need to teach any topic:

1,278 presentations, letting you teach loads of KS3 and KS4 topics from start to finish.

Interactives, including:
  • Whole-class activities – get students thinking about and applying their understanding with our whole-class activities, such as testing Ohm’s Law in our GCSE Separate Science Physics resources.
  • Virtual experiments – show students how to conduct a range of experiments with ‘nary a Bunsen burner in sight – perfect for recaps during revision, or practical preparation.
  • Animations – from investigating animal reflex response by tickling a squid, to exploring the effect of ionizing radiation, our animations let students see science in action.
Set heaps of homework and revision.
Outside of the classroom, Doddle makes it easy for you to set your students a variety of online homework and revision:
203 revision lessons, perfect for exam revision or for setting alongside homework, Doddle Science revision helps students quickly recap topics covered in class. 
384 homework and assessment quizzes, including:
  • 285 mini quizzes – great for regular homeworks, these focus on bite-sized topics and feature recap pages that explain the correct answer if students make a mistake. Time: 15 minutes. Marks: 25.
  • 32 skills quizzes – target more specific skills such as analysing experiments and interpreting data, and practical skills such as using apparatus. Time: 20 minutes. Marks: 30.
  • 33 extension quizzes – designed to push more able students by posing more challenging questions. Time: 20 minutes. Marks: 25 at KS3 and 30 at KS4.
  • 13 super quizzes – use with KS3 students to assess their knowledge of a larger topic area. Time: 30 minutes. Marks: 50.
  • 21 exam quizzes – mapped to the major exam boards, use with KS4 students to help them prepare for their GCSEs. Time: 30 minutes. Marks: Between 45 and 50.