What is that mysterious je ne sais quoi that makes French so enjoyable to learn? The ability to communicate without a word of English? Understanding the way that languages work? Or simply wandering around the streets of Paris, looking cool and reading Baudelaire?

Of course, it’s a long but rewarding journey from ordering un café to watching Amélie sans subtitles, but Doddle French is there to guide your students every step of the way.

Curriculum coverage – the nuts and bolts
With Doddle French, we’ve made sure that all our resources are carefully mapped to the latest curricula:
  • KS3 – teaching resources, homework quizzes and revision across the whole KS3 Programme of Study.
  • KS4 – teaching resources, homework quizzes and revision mapped to current Edexcel, AQA and OCR specifications.
  • AS-Level – homework quizzes and revision mapped to current AQA, Edexcel and OCR specifications.
Teach any topic.
Whether you want to look at conjunctions or introduce your class to Mrs Vandertramp, Doddle French has all the resources you need to teach any topic:
Presentations, letting you teach loads of KS3, KS4 and AS topics from start to finish.
Interactives, including:
  • Games – review vocabulary and pronunciation while creating some friendly competition between your students.
  • Skills activities – target listening, reading and vocab skills with stand-alone activities that complement presentations.
  • Animations – from finding la piscine to giving French schoolkids careers advice, our animations bring language learning to life.
Set heaps of homework and revision.
Outside of the classroom, Doddle makes it easy for you to set your students a variety of online homework and revision:
169 revision lessons – perfect for exam revision or for setting alongside homework, Doddle French revision helps students quickly recap topics covered in class. 
248 homework and assessment quizzes, including:
  • 117 mini quizzes – great for regular homeworks, these focus on bite-sized topics and feature recap pages that explain the correct answer if students make a mistake. Time: 15 minutes. Marks: 25.
  • 28 extension quizzes – designed to push more able students by posing more challenging questions. Time: 20 minutes. Marks: Between 25 and 30.
  • 22 skills quizzes – target more specific skills such as using bilingual dictionaries and pronunciation. Time: 20 minutes. Marks: Between 20 and 30.
  • 19 super quizzes – use with KS3 students to assess their knowledge of a larger topic area. Time: 30 minutes. Marks: 50.
  • 34 grammar quizzes – cover when and how to use grammatical features and tenses. Time: 15 minutes. Marks: 25.
  • 12 topic quizzes – covering all of the topics in Doddle AS French, these quizzes feature exam-style questions to help prepare students for their exams. Time: 20 minutes. Marks: 30.
  • 10 vocab quizzes – let your students review and reproduce on-topic vocabulary. Time: 30 minutes. Marks: 50.
  • 6 exam quizzes – mapped to the major exam boards, use with KS4 students to help them prepare for their GCSEs. Time: 30 minutes. Marks: Between 40 and 45.

Voice recorder – allows your students to practise and critique their own pronunciation and intonation by recording their speech and playing it back.