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Wherever you are in the world, and whichever curriculum you teach to, Doddle can provide high quality, interactive teaching resources to match your teaching needs.

From the creators of Boardworks, whose resources are used in over 60 countries worldwide, Doddle contains thousands of teaching, homework and revison resources to keep students engaged, deliver comprehensive curriculum coverage, and cut out needless marking.

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Over 16000 resources


Doddle is created using the same trusted Boardworks presentations and contains over 16,000 teaching and homework resources across 18 subjects.

Our resources are fully Mac-compatible and are mapped to the international curriculum, including the Cambridge International curriculum, IGCSEs and the International Baccalaureate.

From interactive animations that allow you to work through concepts step by step, to audio clips that secure understanding and support EAL learners, our detailed presentations and interactive activities have everything you need to teach students core skills.

You can also upload your own resources to Doddle, and combine them with ready-made resources to create Doddle lessons – letting you plan your whole term in a couple of clicks.


As an online platform, Doddle is designed to help students do more and stay motivated outside of the classroom.

You can schedule homework for the weeks ahead and assign resources to individual students, whilst the Browse section encourages independent learning. Doddle is tablet-compatible so your students can study anywhere, anytime!

Each homework quiz includes formative recap slides and provide instant results for students when they complete their homework, meaning that they benefit from immediate feedback and support. Doddle also features a range of revision exercises and exam-style questions to enable students to practise key skills.

Doddle online markbook


Every Doddle quiz is self-marking, and reports automatically to the online markbook, cutting out needless marking and giving you more data and time to focus on giving quality feedback and track progress.

In just a few clicks you can compare the scores of students in your class over time, see average results and drill down to see exactly which questions they struggled with.

You can then choose from thousands of engaging teaching and homework resources to personalise your support and assign the material they need.


To find out more about Doddle and how it can match your school's needs, speak to us:


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International case studies