Case Studies

How can Doddle make a difference in your school? Scroll down to see how these teachers are using Doddle for teaching, homework and assessment.


  Diagnostic teaching at All Saints Catholic College

“For homework, it’s a brilliant tool which has then spilled out into the classroom. I started using it as a homework device and now it's spread out like wildfire into the whole area.” 

Stuart Cousins, Deputy Headteacher


Effective revision at Dormston School

We spoke to Emma Powers, Curriculum Leader in Science at Dormston School, about the impact of using Doddle in her science department, and the support she’s had from the Doddle customer team to implement Doddle throughout her school.


Improving results at Caistor Yarborough Academy

“With Doddle, students can see that there’s a connection between using the resource and the outcomes they’re getting.”

Jeremy Newnham, Headteacher


Using Doddle across Baxter College

We had a chat with Ani O’Connor, a science teacher and e-learning adviser at Baxter College in Kidderminster, who’s been putting into practice some really great ideas about how to get her whole school involved with Doddle.


Tracking progress at Phil Edwards PRU

“A second chance at education, not a second rate education.” 

Phil Edwards PRU motto

A key driving force behind this inspiring motto is Ian Walters, Deputy Headteacher at Phil Edwards, who told us about the range of inspiring ways he’s been using Doddle.


The flipped classroom at South Island School

Andy Llewellyn, MFL teacher at South Island school, Hong Kong, has been speaking to us about his trial period with Doddle MFL. He told us how he has used it to introduce topics and reinforce learning through effective homework and revision material.